Maadhav suffers from an illness that prevents him from walking and fears he will go lame if his operation is unsuccessful.

UPDATE: 06/30/2011

Pastor Maadhav Sharma’s physical condition continues to deteriorate. After two months in the hospital and several procedures, he is still unable to walk. The doctors have referred him to a specialty hospital for advanced treatment. Sharma is also experiencing mental distress and fear as a result of the illness. He is especially fearful that he will not regain his ability to walk, which will cause him severe physical and social problems in his society.

Pray for Pastor Maadhav’s condition to improve and for the Lord to provide divine comfort during this trying time. Pray for his wife and two daughters, that they will not fear, but trust in the Lord. Also, ask the Lord for provision for the additional medical treatment Pastor Maadhav needs.

We have not yet received an update on Badri Kapur.

Original Update: from 06/10/2011

The Will to Walk Again
Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Maadhav Sharma has recently been diagnosed with a condition called paraspinal muscle spasms. Everything was fine until one day his legs suddenly felt weak and he could not walk. After his family rushed him to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed him and gave him medication. A fellow pastor visited Maadhav and prayed for his recovery, but Maadhav remained completely bedridden.

Maadhav’s condition grew worse, so doctors suggested surgery. During the procedure, doctors determined that Maadhav had a severe blood infection in his legs, which prevented him from going through surgery. Pastor Maadhav fears that he will become lame from this problem and will never be able to walk again.

Maadhav would appreciate your prayers for his safety, that God will keep him from all dangers and harm. Pray that his condition will not prevent him from the operation, but that he will go through surgery within the month. Also, pray that God will meet his financial needs and comfort and provide for his family during this time.

Bible College Student Seriously Injured
Badri Kapur, a first-year student at a Gospel for Asia Bible college, was recently involved in a vehicle accident that left him with painful injuries.

Badri was crossing the road by the Bible college when a car suddenly hit him. He saw the vehicle headed his way and tried to run for safety, but he was unable to avoid the collision. Badri was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment.

He sustained multiple injuries to almost every area of his body.

Days after the accident, he even fell unconscious as a result of a head injury. He is in serious need of surgery, according to the doctors.

Badri needs prayer for the doctors who will be performing the surgery–that God’s hand will be upon them and the procedure will be successful. Also, pray for fast recovery from his wounds and injuries.