UPDATE: 04/27/2012

GFA-supported missionary Ashu is shown from his hospital bed. Ashu was attacked by a wild elephant and is paralyzed, in critical condition.

Ashu Suthar is paralyzed after being attacked by a wild elephant.

Ashu’s broken bones are healing well. However, a severe bed sore has developed and is spreading on his body. Ashu cannot get up or turn over by himself.

Last week, his older brother moved him to an area where there’s a colder climate, which should help with the sore.

Ashu’s wife and baby, who was born in February, are with him.

Thank you for keeping Ashu in your prayers. Much healing still needs to take place. Please continue to pray for a complete recovery and that he and his family would remain encouraged.

Update: from 10/13/2011

Ashu’s condition is more serious than first thought. His neck was broken in the attack. The bones in his spine were dislocated, which severely damaged the nerves in his spinal cord. Doctors are working to reset the broken bone and are planning surgery to repair the damage. Ashu is paralyzed from the neck down, and now doctors are saying there is little hope he will ever regain the use of his body.

Pray for the wisdom for the doctors and for Ashu’s complete healing.

Also, Ashu’s wife is bedridden with a fever. Pray for her and for the couple’s unborn child.

Original report: from 10/11/2011

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Ashu Suthar was attacked by a wild elephant October 6 while walking through the jungle back to his village. Ashu is in critical condition and is totally paralyzed from the neck down.

Ashu, along with GFA-supported missionaries Lidane Nadave and Peter Muraj, were walking through the dense jungle on their way home after attending a regional meeting. There are no real roads in this area, so they were navigating their way through the jungle at about 8 p.m. They had stopped to rest when, suddenly, they came under attack by the giant beast. Lidane and Peter managed to get away, but the elephant grabbed hold of Ashu and dragged him more than 300 feet, then trampled and crushed him.

The elephant finally abandoned the injured missionary, who was near death. His fellow missionaries got him to the hospital. The doctors say he has a broken neck, and it is possible he can recover. He is in critical condition.

Ashu is 25 years old. His wife is five months pregnant with their first child.

Please pray for complete healing for Ashu. He desperately wants to recover and resume serving the Lord. Also pray for God to comfort his wife.