All that remained of Bhatti’s home after the fire were these burned-out poles.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Bhatti Dun lost his home in a fire.

Bhatti graduated from Bible college this year and went back to his home village to minister. He lived in a home with his widowed mother. He was away from home when the fire occurred at 2:30 in the afternoon. All the other men in the village were also working in the fields at the time of the fire. The closest fire brigade was in another city, 43 miles away.

Bhatti’s mother was only able to salvage a few things before the fire devoured her home. This is the second tragedy to befall the family this year. Bhatti’s oldest brother died recently.

The family is receiving help to rebuild their home. They ask for prayers for peace and comfort in the meantime, especially for Bhatti’s mother. She needs God to encourage her and strengthen her faith.