June 2012

Convulsions came and left without warning. Garud had no control over his seizures, and his epilepsy showed no signs of going away.

While Garud was suffering, four Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries visited his village. They held in them the key to ending Garud's misery. One thing threatened the man's chances of ever meeting them: he and his village hated Christians.

In nearly every house of this village, there was at least one person who belonged to the same anti-Christian fundamentalist group as Garud. The missionaries faced a mountain of opposition.

June 2012

Throughout the day, the mobile team invited villagers to come watch a film on the life of Jesus. At 7 p.m., the team started the film. But as soon as the movie began, leaders of the fanatic anti-Christian group showed up.

They threatened to beat the team and destroy their LCD projector if they continued showing the film.

Team Forced Out by Opposition

As the situation worsened, our mobile team packed everything up and left for the home of the closest pastor, Nagesh Sekhon, in a neighboring village.

The mobile team arrived in a village where there's an anti-Christian extremist in nearly every house.

"At any cost, we need to reach this village with the Good News," Pastor Nagesh encouraged the men. Nagesh lives among these extremists and was determined to see them know the love of the Savior they hated.

For five full days, the pastor and the four mobile team members fasted and prayed for a breakthrough and then scheduled a date to go back to the village. They knew they would face hostility at every turn.

When the mobile team arrived in the village for a second time, they met a woman named Ekanta who told them about her grown son who had epilepsy.

Her son was Garud, one of the anti-Christian extremists.

The fanatics threatened to beat the missionaries and destroy their equipment.
Missionaries Reach Out to Epileptic Extremist

The team shared with Ekanta about the power of the Lord Jesus Christ and encouraged her to put her trust in Him for her son's healing. Despite the fact that she had been surrounded by anti-Christian sentiment for years, Ekanta took them at their word and began praying for her son. The missionaries were starting to see the breakthrough they had prayed for.

The team was scheduled to travel to another village soon afterward, so they couldn't show the film on the life of Jesus that night. But the Lord didn't put His work on hold.

While the mobile team drove to other villages, Pastor Nagesh continued to minister to the people here who despised his God. Because the mobile team had told him about Garud, he built a relationship with the fanatic.

The mobile team was praying, Ekanta was praying, Pastor Nagesh was praying, and the Lord was answering. He healed Garud completely of his seizures!

Healing from Seizures; Opposition Strikes Back

After experiencing God's power, Ekanta and Garud both chose to follow Christ! And through them, the Lord started a prayer meeting. But He wasn't quite finished with the community.

A month later, the mobile team came back, and this time they showed the film. In a village where almost every household contains a fanatic anti-Christian, nearly 200 people came to watch a movie about Jesus!

But in the middle of the film, the extremist opposition came back.

The hostile men represented a group that vastly outnumbered the four missionaries. The fundamentalists could easily surround the team in the dark of the night and do much more than just stop the film.

Through the prayer of Pastor Nagesh and Ekanta, the Lord healed Garud—shown here with his wife and sons—of epilepsy!
Team Surrounded During Film Showing

The fanatics approached the missionaries, but the leaders of the village stepped in and stood by the mobile team. They wouldn't allow the disturbance, and the movie continued. By the end, two hundred people got to see what Jesus did for them.

Now, through the faithful prayers of the pastor and mobile team—and their dedication to see this village reached—the Lord has established a fellowship of 35 people. Each week, about a dozen children from the village gather to listen to Pastor Nagesh teach Sunday school as well.

Garud's healing opened the door for a prayer meeting in the village. And as more of the villagers learned about the Lord, they welcomed a film showing where 200 people came to see the life of Jesus portrayed.

The Lord has done incredible work through the mobile team in just this one village. Through them and Pastor Nagesh, God touched the life of Garud. He made inroads into 200 hearts that were hardened toward Him, and He used the mobile team to help the local GFA-supported pastor reach many more souls.

Now there are 35 people who worship the Lord here each week despite anti-Christian hostility.

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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