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Gospel for Asia's mobile teams travel to villages and towns in efforts to boost the ministries that have already been established by GFA-supported missionaries and pastors.
But before they can travel, they have to take care of their vehicle. The vehicle is the heart of the team. And each member makes sure it's kept looking spotless and in good condition.
The one in charge of the vehicle's maintenance conducts routine checks and keeps the interior clean and tidy. To him and the rest of the team, taking special care of their van means safe travel and fewer break downs.
When they reach their destination, the team members meet with the local pastor to plan the events for the days—and sometimes even weeks—ahead.
Seeking the Lord through prayer is a crucial step in preparation.
Before gearing up for a day of outreach, the team sets a portion of their morning aside for devotions. They meditate on God's Word and refuel their passion by spending time in prayer and worship.
Then they're ready to head out into the fields, marketplaces and streets to share the Good News with their unreached neighbors.
They distribute literature to each person they meet, which is one of the most significant methods used to open doors that lead to Christ.
The people tend to have an immediate interest in the literature, and most are learning about Jesus Christ for the first time in their lives!
Open-air meetings are another useful method the mobile team employs. They start with a small worship service, which garners a lot of attention in the marketplaces.
Then they perform mini-dramas that teach a Biblical principle.
At the end of the program, the local pastor is given an opportunity to share the Gospel message.
They conclude some days with a film show, where hundreds of people come to see and hear the life of Jesus lived out.
When they've finished at one mission field, they move along to the next one, ready to help the local pastor proclaim God's Kingdom.
date posted 06/22/2010