You have given so much to see the daughter you love healed,” said Matthew, a Gospel for Asia native missionary. “But she has not improved. Why not bring her to our church? We will pray for her.”

Matthew had seen this family’s despair. Their daughter Talmi had gone to work as a housemaid in another Indian village. But she was sent home after several months with a strange illness that had left her mute. They had tried everything they knew to heal her, including idol worship, but she did not improve.

But Matthew knew that there was hope in Jesus Christ. Desperate to see their daughter healed, Talmi’s parents followed Matthew’s suggestion and brought her to the church. With fasting, the believers interceded for her and read Bible passages aloud. To their joy, Talmi began repeating a few words. But once home the words were gone, and Talmi slipped back into her former state. Pastor Matthew and his church did not give up. They continued to pray fervently, and her parents brought Talmi back to the church. As they prayed, the Lord healed her totally.

Today, with her tongue loosed, Talmi has received Jesus Christ as Lord and serves with the worship team at the church, praising the Lord!