These three young woman live in a South Asian village with a rich religious tradition. They grew up learning how to worship the gods and goddesses of their ancestors by making offerings at temples and participating in other rituals and festivals to please their gods. But in 2010 they heard about Jesus for the first time. The girls were amazed to learn they didn’t have to do anything for Jesus—He had done everything for them. They were among the first in their village to open their hearts to Jesus. On the day this photo was taken, they made a public proclamation that they had chosen to give their hearts to Jesus. They ask for prayer to stand strong against the opposition that is sure to come their way.

These new believers, pictured with their pastor who is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, all chose to publicly proclaim their new relationship with Jesus in August, 2010. They live in a modern city that is a hub of government and education in their South Asian country. It is also one of the places where Christian persecution is frequent. Their pastor asks for prayer for these new believers—and the other 30 new Christians—who attend his church. He specifically asks for prayer that they will stand strong in their faith and live to glorify the name of God.