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Hundreds of Christians lost their homes and businesses during a deadly rampage in Orissa, India, in 2008. The homes and their contents were burned and reduced to piles of rubble.
Thousands of believers were forced out of their villages after the extremists destroyed their homes. They lived in the jungles or in relief camps for months. Many were never able to return to their villages.
Many Christians were martyred during the massacre, leaving their families to grieve the loss of loved ones, as well as the stark reality of trying to start over with no way to earn a living and no home to live in.
These families felt helpless after they were left homeless by vicious attacks on Christians in Orissa in 2008.
Most families have lived in tents.
Two years later, this couple stood by what was left of their old home, but it was not a sad time for them. Rather they were thanking God that He provided them with a new home.
Their new house is small by Western standards, but it fits in perfectly with the others in their village.
Inside, the house has a typical South Asian kitchen.
A new house is taking shape.
Many of the new homeowners helped build their own houses.
Homebuilding supplies are delivered to a village in Orissa.
A man stands outside his new home in Orissa, India. His previous house was burned down during a rampage against Christians in 2008.
date posted 07/15/2011

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