For five days at a time, Saachi would become like a paralyzed woman, unable to move, talk or eat.

Whenever a new moon would come around, Saachi Mehta’s behavior changed. For five days starting on the day of the new moon, she could not hear or talk, and her body would shut down as if she was suddenly paralyzed.

Worried for their 20-year-old daughter, Saachi’s parents took her to see witchdoctors and temple priests, but neither could offer her a cure. For years, these intervals of unexplained sickness disrupted Saachi’s and her family’s lives. Even after Saachi married and had children, her condition did not improve.

When Saachi’s mother-in-law, Gajra, met Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college student Sanjay Nigam, she shared her discouragement concerning Saachi with him.

If I pray to Jesus,” Sanjay said, “Saachi can be healed completely.”

Gajra and the rest of her family eagerly agreed to let the third-year Bible student pray for Saachi. They brought him to Saachi, who was lying on the bed unconscious from the strange illness. Seeing her, Sanjay began fervently seeking the Lord for her healing. By the third hour of prayer, Saachi began to stir and eventually woke up. Her family was amazed that in a matter of hours, Saachi was brought back to normal, whereas it usually took five days.

After witnessing this miracle, Saachi, Gajra and the rest of the family wanted to know more about Jesus. Sanjay joyfully shared the Good News with them, and right then and there, they decided to follow Christ; they’re the first family in their village to become Christians!

Sanjay asks for prayer for Saachi and her family, that they would continue to grow in the Lord and their neighbors will also experience the love of Christ through them.