Sanjiv’s wife receiving the roofing supplies.

Ishita realized Jesus loves her when she received much-needed roofing supplies.

In Sri Lanka, a nation torn by civil war and natural disasters, Gospel for Asia’s Compassion Services assisted families weighed down by poverty. On October 30, a group of pastors shined the light of Christ by distributing 24 roofing sheets.

One of the recipients, Sanjiv, lives in a shanty home near a lake. The polluted water of the lake and the house’s lack of a proper roof left him and his family prone to illness. Sanjiv worked as a laborer, looking for temporary jobs in various places. However, he became sick. He grew so physically weak that he could not work. His wife became sick, too, so they had no means of income to provide for their three children, including a newborn.

The GFA Compassion Services team donated 12 iron sheets to Sanjiv and his family for the repair of their roof. Because of this act, the family now has a safer shelter, and they realized Jesus loves them.

Ishita’s family also had great need of roofing repairs. Her husband, a laborer like Sanjiv, does not usually have a permanent job. He and Ishita struggled to care for their three children.

The family lives in a small, wooden house. All they have for light is one lantern, and they did not have a sufficient roof. Damage from wind and rain had created large holes in the roofing, allowing water to gush inside. On rainy days, the family had to move to one corner of their house to stay dry. The children often became sick as a result of the inadequate shelter.

When the Compassion Services team gave Ishita 12 iron sheets for roofing, her heart welled with happiness, and tears came to her eyes. Even though she follows the area’s traditional religion, she saw Christ’s love manifested in the team’s actions.

According to the GFA correspondent, “… through the team’s act of kindness Ishita realized how Jesus helps the needy and loves all people.”

After distributing all the gifts, the team reached home safely, grateful to God for allowing them the privilege to help others. They ask for prayer that Sanjiv’s and Ishita’s families will choose to follow Jesus.