Gospel tracts can be a powerful tool for missionaries to introduce the Good News to people like Raksha.

Raksha sometimes plays the tabla (a kind of drum) in worship.

Twenty-year-old Raksha knew how to look pious on the outside. Born and reared in a town with not even one Christian, Raksha devoutly followed the rituals of his community’s religion from a young age. He took a leadership role in the village’s worship practices, helping organize festivals in honor of their gods and goddesses.

But he lived a divided life. Although he performed all his religion’s ceremonial duties, he lived a wayward lifestyle. He sought pleasure above all else and drank excessively, even while observing worship rituals.

One day, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Vineet was visiting Raksha’s village to share the Good News. In spite of their differing convictions, Raksha welcomed him to his house. Vineet talked with Raksha about his life and family and gave him some Gospel tracts before returning home.

Two weeks later, Raksha went searching for Vineet, not knowing his life was about to change permanently. The two men ended up talking at a nearby church, where Vineet had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Raksha and pray for him.

That day, Raksha chose to follow Jesus and started regularly attending worship services at the church. In fact, he sometimes slept there because he was concerned his parents might find out about his new faith.

In spite of the risk he takes by following Jesus, he continues to grow in his faith and encourages others by using his musical talent to honor the Lord. He plays guitar and drums during church services and sometimes leads worship. Although he once dutifully worshiped his community’s deities, he now praises Jesus enthusiastically.