When a family member chooses to follow Christ, the rest of the family often chooses to do the same.

Imagine knowing a man who is so intimidating and out of control that everyone is afraid of him. In addition to being a drunkard, he abuses his wife and children, exploits pastors and despises Christianity as a whole. This description fit a man named Sumitr, but even then it only told half of the story. For many years, his wife had been trying to cope with a tumor in her breast, in addition to the reality of her son leaving home to get away from the harsh environment.

Sumitr lives in Kerala, a tropical state on the southern tip of India. One day, he invited Gospel for Asia missionary Nabhoj Vaman to come to his house. He told the pastor he wanted to hear about Jesus, but he really only invited him so he could mock him and other Christian believers. God, however, had other plans.

When Pastor Nabhoj came over, Sumitr began asking many questions about Christianity. At the end of the discussion Sumitr was surprised to realize his misconceptions about the Christian faith. Eager to learn more, he accepted Nabhoj’s invitation to visit the GFA-related church. After observing Christians at the church, Sumitr whole-heartedly gave his life to Christ.

Word about Sumitr’s new faith and radical life-change spread throughout the village. When his friends heard the news, they immediately met with Sumitr and tried to convince him to come back to his old ways. They even threatened to hurt his wife if he did not comply. Yet Sumitr knew that Jesus had been the only One who transformed his life, so he refused to submit to his friends’ requests. Knowing that Sumitr was serious about his faith, they gave up and left.

Now Sumitr’s family is filled with the unshakable joy of the Lord. Sumitr and his wife were baptized, God healed his wife’s breast tumor through Pastor Nabhoj’s prayers and they have been reunited with their son.

The church is praising the Lord for His miraculous work in this family, and Nabhoj asks for prayer for Sumitr and his family as they grow in their faith.

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