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In early March, 150 families gathered at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college to receive their Christmas presents. The practical gifts came from believers around the world who purchased them through GFA's Christmas Gift Catalog.
The distribution event, which began with prayer and this traditional candle-lighting ceremony, garnered praise from community leaders and media. Even a local leader with anti-Christian views was there to see the work of the Lord!
Before the pastors presented the gifts, a local GFA leader shared about the ministry, and these Women's Fellowship members sang for the crowd.
Among the gifts given out were bicycles, push carts, sewing machines and blankets.
This street vendor no longer needs to rent a push cart—he's been given one of his own! The time and money he saves will help him provide for his young daughter.
With a sewing machine, this woman can make enough money selling clothes to manage her household.
Among the 150 families given gifts were many who have yet to fully comprehend the Gospel. These gifts often bring them to an understanding of God's love and provision!
Even a simple blanket means a lot to those who have so little.
This handicapped woman received a sewing machine, which will serve as a tangible reminder that God cares for her. The ultimate goal of gifts given through Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog is to bring real hope—in Christ—to the people of South Asia.
date posted 09/15/2011