Salim and Jitendra both experienced freedom from alcohol addiction, as this man did.

Alcoholism is a major problem throughout South Asia.

Jobless and addicted to drugs and alcohol, Salim Banerjee spent his time loitering on the streets. He never imagined his life was about to take a dramatic turn.

One day Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Benjamin Masih met Salim and some other men and shared the Good News with them.

How much money will you pay us if we become Christian?” Salim asked.

Benjamin responded that he wouldn’t give them any money but would help them find eternal life. He invited Salim to attend his congregation’s worship service.

Two months later, Salim finally visited Pastor Benjamin’s fellowship. He even told Pastor Benjamin all of his struggles and problems and asked the pastor to pray for him.

That same day, Salim repented of his sins and chose to follow Jesus. He began regularly attending church services, and his sister Vasanti opened her heart to Jesus, too!

Salim also began attending prayer meetings in another village where Benjamin was ministering. While traveling to the village, Salim met Jitendra, an alcoholic. Traveling to and from the prayer meetings, Salim invited Jitendra to come whenever he saw him. Although Jitendra never accepted the invitation, Salim faithfully prayed for his salvation.

Eventually, Jitendra showed up at the prayer meeting. He had been suffering from stomach pain, but after receiving prayer, the pain diminished. Witnessing God’s healing touch, he began regularly attending the meetings. As time went on, he experienced total healing from both his stomach pain and from his spiritual sickness: Jitendra chose to make Jesus his Lord.

Through Benjamin’s ministry, God transformed two lives. He even used Salim’s background of addiction to share hope with someone in the same bondage.