A film show gives many people their first opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Pastor Sanjay is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary who has seen God working in his very unstable region of Asia. Besides regional conflicts that spring up occasionally, there are anti-Christian groups who try to make his ministry difficult.

In the summer of 2011, a GFA-supported film team came to Pastor Sanjay’s village to show a movie about the life of Jesus. This film often helps ease people’s suspicions about missionaries’ work, and it gives them a clear picture of Christ’s love before they put up their defenses to the message. Excited about the opportunity, Pastor Sanjay worked with the film team members to set up a showing.

Sure enough, 120 people from this difficult neighborhood gathered to watch the film. At last, they would hear the message that Pastor Sanjay was working hard to share with them.

However, after the movie started, five men from an extremist group showed up and started asking questions about the film.

Who told you to come to this place? Did anyone give you permission to show this film here?” they asked. “Take your instruments and get out of here!”

The five men grew angry and continued to threaten the film team members. It looked like they were growing violent, but Pastor Sanjay intervened, pleading with them to leave the film team members unharmed.

The extremists left without beating the missionaries, but it was the end of the film show for that night. The incident also produced fear in the hearts of the villagers. Several of them asked Pastor Sanjay to leave the village.

Instead of leaving, Pastor Sanjay went to the authorities and explained what had happened. Through his efforts, the police agreed to provide security for a second film showing.

Three nights after the first film showing attempt, Sanjay and the film team once again set up the equipment and showed the movie, praying the Lord would protect them. This night, fewer people attended—35 total—but they were receptive and watched the whole film. The police came as they promised and offered security, so everything went smoothly.

Pastor Sanjay asks for prayer that those who watched the film would choose to follow Christ, and that the extremists who oppose his ministry would see Jesus loves them.