Tragically, there are tens of thousands of orphans in South Asia. Each is desperately trying to find love and acceptance.

These two children were found on the streets of Nepal. Many children, like Sabal and his family, are orphans without a home.

Haamid, a father of six children, unfortunately struggles with an alcohol addiction. After fighting with his wife while intoxicated one day, he became physically violent and beat her to death.

Haamid’s teenage son, Sabal, attempted to protect his mother from the attack but was no match for his father’s strength. Instead, he could only watch as his mother fought for her life. Haamid grabbed a machete and violently went after Sabal as well, but thankfully, the boy escaped from his father’s grasp.

After the villagers told the police what had happened, they arrested Haamid and he is now in jail. These six precious children are left without parents. Thankfully, a Gospel for Asia film team, along with a group of local believers, visited the family in order to counsel them and pray for them.

The believers visited many families in the area having problems and encountered numerous people that were receptive to their message about Jesus. Haamid’s grieving children were especially eager to hear the Good News. By the grace of God, Sabal has received Jesus and is now boldly proclaiming his faith.

The children are now living with their grandmother. But because their family background is that of a traditional religion, there is no peace in their home. Sabal asked the believers visiting to pray that they will finally have peace and that his brothers and sisters will choose to follow Christ.

Sabal would appreciate prayer for his family to come to know Jesus and have a good future.