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"God's Love for Women" was the theme of Gospel for Asia's Women's Fellowship celebration of International Women's Day on March 8. This woman led a Bible study to mark the day.
Many of these women feel unloved by their society simply because they were born female, so this message of God's love for them made a great impact on their hearts. All the women, both Christians and unbelievers, said they were blessed to hear it.
After the meeting, the Women's Fellowship team also visited a leprosy home nearby to share and pray with the patients.
Meanwhile, another Women's Fellowship team in a neighboring area organized a free medical camp to minister to women—and men—who live in a remote village. These villagers waited in line for a check up they may not have been able to receive otherwise.
The doctors saw 121 patients that day.
The Women's Fellowship team didn't want anyone to go away without knowing about the Great Physician. They shared the Gospel with everyone who came to the clinic.
Some villagers cast aside their cultural differences for one day for the sake of helping others. People who would not normally speak to each other worked together at the clinic.
As the Women's Fellowship team members spent time with the villagers, the Lord gave them many opportunities to share His great love with each villager.
The women pray that the Bible study and medical clinics will allow people to see the true heart of Jesus.
date posted 05/13/2010

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