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Edihitha is a 32-year-old mother of two children. She and her husband, Anand, were day laborers.
Edihitha started feeling back pains one day. The intense pain would not go away. After one month, she couldn't walk anymore. Her family was convinced Edihitha had been attacked by evil spirits.
Edihitha's paralysis left her dependent on others for the most basic tasks. She couldn't care for her family or even move from room to room on her own.
Edihitha could no longer work, and her family suffered due to a lack of money. She went to the hospital and none of the treatments worked. She also went to the witchdoctor, which didn't work either.
It was at this time that Gospel for Asia supported missionary, Sandeep Kishan met Eihitha. He had compassion on this young woman who was robbed of her life. As he began praying, Edihitha started crying and yelling. Sandeep committed to pray and fast several days for her complete healing.
God heard Sandeep's prayers and Edihitha started walking again.
Edihitha chose to follow Christ. As a result of her testimony, many other families are now following Christ too.
date posted 08/02/2010