This tree, killed by a previous drought in India, has a watermark showing that a lake once surrounded it.

Drought brings great hardship to many farmers in India. This farmer had to go to work as a tailor to provide enough income for his family.

GFA leaders in Jharkhand want to install 100 Jesus Wells, which provide clean water to people regardless of caste or religion.

As summer begins in India, the first signs of serious drought are ominously working their way throughout the northeastern states of Jharkhand and Bihar.

All the rivers, dams and ponds go dry as the summer intensifies,” writes a GFA correspondent in Jharkhand.

The water table has receded below normal levels in both states. Jharkhand experienced drought during the past two years, and the state lacks adequate water facilities to supply all its citizens’ needs for water, including both personal and agricultural use. Bihar faces the potential of severe drought this summer due to climactic changes and uneven rainfall distribution that has occurred during the past three years. In both states, farmers may suffer devastating loss in crop yields.

Another problem that occurs during droughts is that people resort to drinking dirty, contaminated water, leaving them prone to illnesses. A newspaper in Jharkhand reported that in many of the state’s districts, arsenic was found in the water, making it unsafe to drink.

One Gospel for Asia-supported pastor said many people in his village had resorted to digging small ditches in a local riverbed to store water. Thankfully, about 25 families from this village and a neighboring village receive clean water every day from a Jesus Well, which was installed last year.

In one region of Jharkhand, many people—especially the poor—are struggling to meet their daily needs. The lack of rain has left them without enough water for drinking, bathing or washing clothes. Drilling wells is unaffordable for most people. As a result of the hardships in this area, people are moving to other places just to survive. One pastor sent word that 12 people in his congregation had moved away.

In light of the crisis, the GFA state leadership is praying and planning to install 100 Jesus Wells in Jharkhand. One city in the northeastern part of the state hopes to drill 80 Jesus Wells and distribute 300 BioSand water filters. Please pray God will provide the funds for these Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters—and for more in other states, like Bihar. GFA leaders in Jharkhand and Bihar also desire prayer for the following:

  • God to provide rain and adequate water in Jharkhand and Bihar.
  • The state and national governments to have wisdom and take necessary steps to improve the water scarcity.
  • The people affected by the droughts—that they will not contract illnesses from drinking unsafe water.
  • That the Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters will be a testimony of God’s love for the people.