Dristi and Satya have been forced to leave their studies at a GFA-supported Bible college because of threats against their parents.

UPDATE: 04/04/2011

Satya and Dristi are no longer in any physical danger. However, their parents will not allow them to return to the Bible college to resume their studies. They are asking for continued prayer to remain strong in the Lord and for their parents to truly understand the love of Jesus. Pray the Lord will open the door for them to return to Bible college.

Update: from 01/18/2011

Two Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college students are rushing back to their parents’ home after anti-Christian extremists threatened to burn the house down. The extremists are angry Satya and Dristi left the traditional faith of their village when they chose to follow Christ.

The siblings fear their mother, Trishna, will be tortured. The extremists said they will not carry out their threats if Satya and Dristi come back home and begin practicing their traditional tribal religion.

Satya is in his second year of studies, and Dristi is in her first year at the Bible college.

Their father, Virat, worked as a tailor, but he didn’t make enough money to care for all the needs of his household. In frustration, he turned to heavy drinking.

Dristi dropped out of school after seventh grade and went to work as a servant in her neighbor’s house. She did not get to keep any of her wages, instead she had to turn them over to her father. There were many times she considered suicide, thinking it was the only way to escape.

Then her younger brother, Satya came home and told her his life was drastically changed because of Jesus Christ. He told Dristi about the change and shared the way of salvation with her. As soon as Trishna and Virat heard about their son’s new faith, they kicked him out of the house. He enrolled at the Bible college and began preparing for a life of ministry.

Soon Dristi also chose to follow Christ. Her devastated parents kicked her out of their home as well. She joined her brother at the Bible college.

In an interview in September, 2010, Dristi said she has no regrets, even though she could no longer see her parents.

I have peace and joy in my heart, and I have found a reason to live,” Dristi says.

Although Dristi and Satya did go back home to help their mother, they will not return to their old faith. Their plan is to return to the Bible college and continue their preparations to serve in ministry.

Here are some prayer requests they shared:

  • Pray God will intervene and protect Satya, Dristi, Trishna and Virat from the actions of the extremists.
  • Ask the Lord to give them supernatural power to withstand the pressure to turn their back on Christ and begin worshiping the tribal god. Pray that they will stand strong and honor their commitment to return to the Bible college.
  • Pray for their persecutors, that they would come to know Jesus as a result of Satya and Dristi’s testimony.