When Sampada missed her parents on Parents’ Day, Pastor Lagan and the other guest showed the compassion of her Father in Heaven by receiving flowers in place of her father and mother.

The Parents’ Day celebration was meant to be a joyous occasion for students and parents at a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center, but it brought tears of sorrow to one girl’s eyes.

Almost all 95 students and their parents participated in the festivities on July 31. In observance of the special occasion, Pastor Lagan Daniel, a GFA-supported missionary, attended the event. As a way to honor parents, each student was called on stage to give their mom and dad flowers, and they, in turn, received flowers from their parents.

This gesture warmed the hearts of all who attended—except Sampada. Sampada’s father had recently passed away, and her mother had to work and could not attend the event. While the other students were giving and receiving flowers for their parents, Sampada began weeping. She knew there would be no flowers for her—or her mother—that day. Seeing all the other parents also reminded her of how much she missed her father.

Seeing Sampada’s grief, Pastor Lagan and another guest stepped in to receive flowers from her. She knelt down in front of Pastor Lagan and continued crying loudly, this time with both heartbreak and joy.

Pastor Lagan comforted her. All the parents and students were touched by this moment, and without speaking any words they understood the importance of parental care—even just their presence for the children,” writes a GFA correspondent. “This actually created a greater awareness among the parents of the importance of nurturing and bringing up their children in the right way.”