Jhansi, like this woman, suffered demonic possession until a GFA-supported missionary prayed for her.

Having chosen to follow Jesus Christ, Jhansi, like this woman, now has hope as she raises her three children.

Jhansi Sen’s health was deteriorating, and she lost her ability to think rationally. Controlled by demons, this high-caste woman would shriek and scream. Her worried family members consulted many doctors and spent a lot of money on treatment, yet she experienced no healing.

However, a friend told her family members about a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, Vajra Dutta, and said Jesus could heal Jhansi. Her husband Baldev and the other family members went to Vajra and told him about Jhansi’s predicament.

Vajra went to their home and prayed for three days, and God supernaturally freed Jhansi from the demonic bondage! Her body experienced complete healing.

Jhansi, Baldev and their family chose to follow Jesus. However, fear held them back from worshiping with the local congregation because her husband worked in the government and had a prominent position in the village.

Pastor Vajra asks that you pray for the following:

  • Baldev, Jhansi and their three children to stand firm in their faith and have the boldness to follow Jesus.
  • Other families in this village to come to salvation.
  • Safety in this particular area of South Asia, which is dominated by a rebel group.