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Weeks of intense rains spawned floods that left thousands of Sri Lankans homeless and feeling hopeless.
With their homes damaged or even destroyed by the storms, thousands fled their villages and waited for the water to recede.
But their physical condition—and their spirits—were lifted when Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams came to their aid.
The team stopped at one relief camp where about 100 families had set up temporary living quarters in a government building.
They distributed dry ration food packages which contained rice, dal (lentil beans), sugar, tea, powdered milk, dried fish and onions. The people were thrilled to receive the food.
The food packages helped feed the people for several days, according to the missionaries.
Helping the people with their immediate need for food is just one aspect of the Compassion Service teams' job. They also minister to their spiritual needs by praying for them and sharing the love of Jesus.
Once the people are able to return home, they'll need help clearing away the remnants of the storm and restoring their lives to normal. And GFA-supported missionaries will be there helping them for years to come.
date posted 03/22/2011

You can help care for Sri Lanka's flood victims.