This workman has an audience as he puts the finishing touches on one of the Jesus Wells drilled for Pakistan flood victims.

The new Jesus Well is a bright spot of hope in this village.

All the young people are proud of the new well in their village.

These children are getting water from the new Jesus Well to wash their hands.

Getting water at the new well is a family affair for these people in Pakistan.

They survived the horrific floods that swept across their country during the summer of 2010. But life was not much better for the people of Pakistan when they returned to their villages after the flood waters dried up. Their homes were damaged, their crops destroyed and they had no water to drink.

Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services workers were in Pakistan in the days after the flooding, giving the affected people food, clothing, blankets and other immediate needs. They also discovered that many of the villages they visited did not have an adequate supply of clean water—even before the floods hit. So they decided to do something about it.

During the months after the floodwaters receded, several Jesus Wells were drilled in the villages affected by the floods. And several more wells are in the works, too.

The work of our Compassion Services teams is twofold. First, we want to meet the immediate needs of anyone who is suffering as a result of a disaster. That’s why they are often the first ones on the ground offering food, water and clean clothing to individuals and families,” said Gospel for Asia president K.P. Yohannan. “But we don’t want to simply touch down and take off again. So the second facet of our Compassion Services Ministry is to help these people rebuild their lives. That’s why, months later, you will find Gospel for Asia-supported workers in villages rebuilding houses, providing seeds to replant crops and in this case, drilling wells to alleviate a long-term need. The love of Christ compels us to love these desperate people and to ease their many burdens.”