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"Raju's Heart" Shows Christ's Love

first published: June 12, 2008 – Gospel for Asia

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"Raju's Heart" Shows Christ's Love

first published: June 12, 2008 – Gospel for Asia

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A Gospel tract is a simple, yet powerful, tool for reaching the unsaved in Asia. Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries distribute thousands of these small tracts each year.

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As Raji, a member of a GFA mobile team, travels through the villages of Andhra Pradesh, India, he hands out tracts to people who are curious to find out what the little red booklet has inside.

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Raji's team has just conducted an open-air meeting in this village. Here, children surround him as he passes out copies of "The Heart of Raju."

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"The Heart of Raju" is one of the most widely used tracts in Asia. GFA-supported missionaries throughout India can testify to its effectiveness.

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Inside "The Heart of Raju" is a story about a young boy who discovers that Jesus Christ died to save him. Through pictures and words, this tract illustrates that Jesus lives in people's hearts.

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Often, people read the story of "Raju" right on the spot, leading them to turn their hearts to God.

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Other times, people will read the tract months after they receive it and then decide to follow Christ. This man is tucking his tract into his shirt pocket, so he can read it later.

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"The Heart of Raju" is just one of many Gospel tracts GFA produces. All tracts and small booklets are printed in Asia, which keeps costs low.

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Each tract is designed with certain regions, countries and cultures in mind. They are intended to effectively reach the people who will read them. The tracts pictured are used in Bangladesh.

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Oftentimes, while missionaries are handing out tracts, opportunities to minister to people are presented. Here, Raji was able to pray with this young woman about problems in her family.

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Raji also helps people understand the Gospel message written inside the tracts and booklets, as he does here with this woman.

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As many respond to the message in the tracts, small fellowship groups—like this one Raji is leading in a believer's home—are formed. And more importantly, they discover the hope found in Jesus.

For only $1 you can provide 200 Gospel tracts for a missionary like Raji.


*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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