A stampede of elephants recently trampled homes and property in a small village in India’s Nagaland state.

For unknown reasons, the herd of about 10 wild elephants left the nearby forest where they typically foraged, then rampaged through the village. All 30 village families escaped to safety, but their houses and property were destroyed.

With no homes left, the people were scattered to neighboring villages to find shelter. And the Christians of the destroyed village also had to leave their church.

In 1998 a Gospel for Asia church had been planted there, but because of the elephant stampede, the group of believers was broken up and long-standing friendships were torn apart.

“It was difficult for the believers to adjust to their new temporary shelters,” wrote a GFA correspondent. “They were deeply sad at having to leave their homes and so many belongings behind.” But something wonderful was about to happen.

“Little did the believers realize that God had a plan and purpose behind this,” commented our correspondent.

As refugees in the surrounding villages, the believers began to share the Gospel among their new neighbors, with amazing results.

“Many people got saved,” reported the correspondent, “and as a result, two new fellowships were started in villages close by.”

GFA native missionaries are now leading these fellowship groups and discipling the new believers.

“Now all our believers understand that God works all things together for good,” wrote the field reporter. “Praise God for using our believers to start these prayer fellowships.”