These people came to watch the film about Jesus in spite of bad weather.

After the film ended, the missionaries had the opportunity to pray for many sick people.

In Sri Lanka on October 9, two GFA-supported missionaries and two believers didn’t let the weather deter them as they shared the love of Jesus with as many people as they possibly could.

The four men went to 80 houses and distributed 450 Gospel tracts. During the evening, they showed a film on the life of Jesus. However, because of rainy, cold weather, only 45 people came to watch.

On the following day, they visited 135 homes and handed out 550 Gospel tracts before showing the film. This time the crowd grew to 150.

After the movie ended, the missionaries prayed for the sick. They also saw fruit from their labors: 20 people chose to give their lives to Christ, and three people decided to start coming to church faithfully!

The missionaries request prayers for God to soften the hearts of all those who received Gospel tracts, heard the Good News or watched the Jesus film. Pray many will decide to follow Christ.