Like the groups that passed out Gospel tracts at the sporting event, this team of Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries spends several hours each day sharing the love of God.

These men pass out Gospel Literature and share the love of God to many, just as the mission groups did at the sporting event.

Gospel for Asia-supported workers and Bible college students shared the love of Jesus with more than 300,000 people at a 15-day sporting event in South Asia during February. Gospel for Asia had six groups of ten people each at the event. For the entire two weeks, the groups passed out many Gospel tracts to the fans that came to watch their favorite athletes perform.

On the first day of the event, the groups gathered at the Gospel for Asia state office and prayed for God’s blessing. Afterwards, the groups headed off to their six separate destinations to pass out Gospel tracts and share the love of Jesus. They dispersed to the two stadiums in town where the events were taking place. Each team member distributed an average of 400-500 tracts each day. With more than 70 participants passing out tracts, around 300,000 pieces of literature were distributed over those two weeks.

The groups were able to enter into the stadiums and distribute to the spectators as well as the athletes participating in the competitions. Many people responded positively and eagerly received the literature. They appreciated how the missionaries were reaching out to their area. The groups not only reached the stadiums with the Good News, but also visited several nearby public gathering spots including bus and railway stations.

Their time was a great success and a real encouragement to all who participated–as well as to the thousands who heard about the love of God and received Gospel literature. The workers experienced the hand of God throughout the entire time. They praised God that they did not meet any opposition during the two-week event. After talking to so many people, the groups realized the people of the area are spiritually hungry. Most of them accepted the books and literature with great enthusiasm and interest.

Please pray that God will bless the fruit of these workers. Pray also that this would not just be a one-time event, but that they will continue to hold onto the passion to reach people with the Gospel on a regular basis. And most importantly, pray for those who received Gospel tracts, that they would come to know Jesus.