Just like Pastor Nishchal, Bhaskar and his three friends, these men are meeting together to grow in the Lord..

One missionary’s abstinence has opened the door for the salvation of four other men.

At a celebration in South Asia a few months ago, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Nishchal responded to an offer of alcohol by saying,” I am a pastor, and I do not drink alcohol.” The refusal annoyed the other men at the party—all except Bhaskar.

Bhaskar has suffered for three years from cysts on his head. Surgery has not prevented the formation of new cysts. After hearing Nishchal’s response and realizing he was a pastor, Bhaskar approached Nishchal to ask for prayer. Nishchal stopped right then and prayed. Within three days the cysts shrunk to half their size. After seeing this answer to prayer, Bhaskar grew in faith and placed his life in the hands of the Lord. He began meeting with Nishchal for fellowship and Bible study and also decided to give up alcohol.

Less than a week later, Bhaskar brought three of his friends to meet Pastor Nishchal. The three friends told the pastor they also wanted to stop drinking liquor. Pastor Nishchal prayed for them, and they have not drunk alcohol since. They chose to follow Jesus and are now part of Pastor Nishchal’s fellowship.

Please pray the Lord will continue to draw Bhaskar and his three friends nearer to Himself and to grow Pastor Nishchal’s ministry. Also ask the Lord to completely heal Bhaskar from the cysts.