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People are still recuperating from the floods that hit India, Myanmar and Bangladesh in early August, 2011.
After the rains stopped pouring, people waited to see what would become of their lives.
The rain washed away people's fields, crops and livestock—their only means of survival.
Homes were completely destroyed after being submerged in the rising floods.
Bridges in Myanmar and national highways in India collapsed, closing off transportation and entry into regions that desperately needed aid. Devastation lay everywhere.
But Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams living within the affected villages were ready to offer assistance and minister to those in need.
In West Bengal, more than 500 families received relief packets, which include rice, biscuits, dal and packets of powdered milk. So far, GFA-supported teams have reached 16 villages in the West Bengal islands, and they're not finished. They will continue providing aid in many other regions as well.
Some areas already have a Jesus Well, providing the only source of clean water. In other regions, the teams have to distribute clean water.
Believers in the area know they can depend on GFA Compassion Services to help them in their most desperate time of need.
date posted 09/23/2011