Through Gospel for Asia native missionary Shema Sabal’s film ministry in Bhutan, many have come to Christ.

The villagers were amazed. Malank Baarsat, a respected witch doctor in their community, and 10 of his family members decided to follow Jesus.

Malank was a very important man in his village in the nation of Bhutan. Many people honored him, because they believed that he was the incarnation of a powerful god in their religion. The sick from several of the neighboring villages came to Malank seeking healing.

Then a Gospel for Asia film team, led by Shema Sabal, came to the village to show Man of Mercy, an Indian-made film about the life of Christ. This village, like many others throughout Asia, is in a remote location, and most of the villagers had never seen a movie. About 75 people, including Malank and his family, came to watch the film.

During the crucifixion scene, many in the audience broke into tears. When the film ended, Malank and his entire family prayed to receive salvation. Now they faithfully serve the Lord, and many of the villagers are open to the Gospel because of Malank’s testimony.

During the crucifixion scene, the audience broke into tears. When the film ended, Malank and his entire family prayed to receive salvation.

The week before traveling to Malank’s village, Shema and his film team took the movie to a village where there were no Christians. For two days, the team showed the film, and 120 people gathered for the presentations. The villagers were deeply moved by the movie, and on the second day, seven people decided to follow Christ. Now, in this village where no one had believed in Christ before, a Bible fellowship group meets regularly.

Through Shema’s work with the film team in Bhutan, many people have come to Christ. Because the Lord is working so mightily through Shema’s ministry, many of the local non-Christian village leaders oppose him and try to keep him out of their communities. Shema recently received a stern warning from village leaders, ordering him to stop sharing the Gospel. Now he must be careful as he ministers.

Shema requests prayer that the Lord will soften the hearts of the local village leaders and officials, and that they will come to know Him. He also asks for prayer that the film ministry will continue to flourish, and more people will receive Christ’s love through the showings.

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