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On January 26, believers around India celebrated Republic Day, the holiday commemorating the enactment of the Indian constitution. They held patriotic events, did service projects and shared the love of Jesus in their communities. In Rajasthan, a flag-hoisting ceremony started off the day.
After singing the national anthem, listening to a message about being a dedicated Indian citizen and praying for the country, some Bridge of Hope students shared a dance.
While the Women's Fellowship ladies, Bible college students and GFA-supported staff broke up to do various service projects—like cleaning a police station and distributing blankets—the Bridge of Hope students took part in a drawing and painting competition.
This same art competition, known as "Colors of Hope," also occurred in other parts of the country, like Maharashtra.
Both young children and teenagers had the opportunity to draw pictures based on several different topics, such as "my dream home with a garden" and "a green environment."
When they were done, they had some beautiful artwork to display!
These Bible college students in Haryana got to take part in a flag-hoisting program, which included an encouraging speech from a local official.
Afterward, they headed out to clean up a bus stop.
In Lucknow, staff and Bible college students spent the day in a similar manner. After a patriotic celebration in the morning, they cleaned a dental hospital.
Miles away in Jharkhand, the Bible college students held a lively cultural program.
They presented dances and skits, had a singing competition and competed against each other during games. These events showcased the talents of many staff and students, revealing ways they can use their gifts for God's glory.
Most importantly, they gave thanks and praise to the Lord for all He has done for them and their country.
Believers throughout India are grateful for the freedom with which God has blessed them, and they want to serve Him wholeheartedly. One correspondent wrote, "True patriots of our country…fought tirelessly for the independence of our nation and cared little for their lives and comforts to achieve their goal. This is a day for us to remember how important it is to follow the same principle in serving our Lord and Savior, by bringing freedom to hearts that are bound in sin. Let our hearts forsake the comforts and cares of life for achieving this goal and following His call on our lives."
date posted 04/20/2011