A cover to a Christmas album produced by GFA-supported churches in Nepal.

Music has the power to touch the soul, ignite emotions and bring back memories thought long forgotten. It can also tell the world about the Savior who came to give His life for them.

That’s what’s happening in Nepal. In that country found hidden in the Himalayan mountains, music plays an important part in everyday life. And it’s being used to share Christ.

Gospel for Asia-supported churches in Nepal have produced 121 Gospel albums in the Nepali, Tibetian, Tamang, Limbu and Tharu languages. The churches there even utilize ringback tones to present the message of Christ through Gospel songs whenever someone calls.

It has become an effective tool to spread the Gospel,” explained a GFA field correspondent.

One of the major telephone companies in the country even approached the Nepali churches to ask if they could use their music as ringback tones, offering to pay the Gospel for Asia-supported churches in Nepal royalties to use their songs. With the royalties, the church can further their work in the country and spread the Good News to others.

We praise God for this digital tool, for not only spreading the Gospel but also for earning funds for other ministry purposes,” the field correspondent shared.