Alana saw God deliver her neighbor, which led to her own salvation.

Shobha has witnessed God break chains of bondage in both her mother’s and husband’s lives.

Moulik moved to a new city in search of work, but he also found Jesus there.

Prasham heard the Good News from his older brother.

God is using Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries throughout South Asia to bring lives out of darkness and into His marvelous light. As missionaries Satyankar Gedam and Vineet Dutta serve faithfully in one sprawling city, a dazzling domino effect is transforming one life after another.

Spreading to Neighbors, Family Members
One woman’s deliverance resulted in four people learning about Jesus’ love at Pastor Satyankar’s church. Alana’s neighbor had been possessed by a demon. But when Jesus freed her, she and her husband started attending services at the church. Witnessing the difference in their neighbors’ lives, Alana and her husband, Gaurav, also began coming to fellowship with Pastor Satyankar’s congregation, and they decided to follow Jesus.

Shobha learned about Pastor Satyankar’s congregation through a GFA-supported Bible-college student who taught Sunday-school classes for her children and other kids in the neighborhood. Shobha started attending the church.

Her mother, Sanjana, experienced deliverance from an evil spirit when Pastor Satyankar prayed for her, and Sanjana surrendered her life to Jesus. Seeing her mother’s faith, Shobha also decided to give her life to Christ.

Shobha still faced hardship, as her husband had an addiction to alcohol. But when another Bible-college student visited Shobha and prayed for her husband, God delivered him from this addiction!

From One Sibling to Another
After completing high school, Moulik moved to the city. He met Pastor Vineet, who started sharing with him about the Bible. Moulik had grown up in a Christian family, but after listening to Pastor Vineet, he realized he needed to surrender his life totally to Christ. As he attended worship services and prayer meetings at Pastor Vineet’s church, God filled him with peace and supplied all his needs.

Moulik publicly testified to his faith in Christ. Seeing what the Lord had done in his life, Moulik’s sister also chose to follow Jesus and developed a desire to study the Bible.

Like Moulik, Prasham migrated to the city from a different state to find work after graduating high school. He, too, came from a Christian family. In fact, he is Pastor Vineet’s younger brother.

But Prasham did not decide to give his life to Jesus until after he moved to the city, where his older brother shared the Good News with him and regularly taught him from God’s Word. After listening to Vineet’s words for some time, Prasham’s heart filled with peace, and he decided to follow Jesus.

Prasham struggled with leg pain, but when Pastor Vineet prayed for him, God healed him. Now Prasham assists his older brother in spreading the Gospel throughout their community.

These stories capture a glimpse of how the Lord is multiplying Satyankar’s and Vineet’s efforts. Through these missionaries’ labor, Alana, Gaurav, Shobha, Sanjana, Moulik, Prasham and many others now know Jesus. Satyankar and Vineet have requested prayer for each of these believers to continue faithfully pursuing Christ and His will for their lives.