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Shanti Pillai had been sick for 10 years and almost went insane due to emotional stress and lack of sleep. Because medicine provided no relief from her suffering, she contemplated suicide. But one day, she went up on her rooftop terrace and saw this Gospel of John.
Shanti had no idea how the book ended up on the roof. She has no memory of anyone giving it to her, and she knew that if her sons had dropped it on the roof, they would not have left it standing so neatly. She held the book close to her heart and then began to read it.
Through the words of Scripture, God spoke to her heart. She read John 15:15, where Jesus says to His disciples, "You did not choose me, but I chose you…" (NIV). Shanti felt sure the Lord had chosen her. Filled with new hope, she went downstairs and told her husband about the book. She said the God of the Bible is the real God and they should follow Him.
When Shanti told some relatives what happened, they said she should speak with the Christians who lived in their building. At her relatives' home, she met Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries Balika and Sadhvi, who, with the help of their pastor, Kavi, shared the Good News with Shanti and prayed for God to heal her.
Shanti chose to follow Jesus, and so did her husband and two young sons. Shanti has experienced full healing from the Lord. In addition, her family has grown in the Lord. Balika, Sadhvi and Kavi have been visiting the family and praying for them ever since.
During the day, while she is home alone, Shanti spends time reading God's Word.
She also composes songs about seeking to know the Lord more fully. She sings and plays her dholak, a traditional drum.
Whenever they get the chance, Balika and Sadhvi visit Shanti's home during the day. Shanti is already sharing the Gospel with her neighbors and inviting them to learn about Jesus, too.
Shanti and her family worship among Pastor Kavi's congregation every Sunday. Oftentimes, Shanti attends the Women's Fellowship meetings led by Balika and Sadhvi.
Only 7 and 10 years old, Shanti's sons, Vinesh and Rajesh, have faith in God's power to heal. They pray for their mother whenever she has any pain and tell her God will heal her. If someone in the family becomes sick, they go to Balika and Sadhvi's apartment and ask them to come pray.
Through a single piece of Gospel literature, God has adopted Shanti's entire family into the family of Christ. They now experience fellowship, healing and hope.
date posted 12/28/2010

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