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Hundreds of children in Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope centers recently learned about the causes of blindness and how to preserve their own sight.
According to the World Health Organization, about 90% of visually impaired people live in developing countries. Worldwide, there are about 19 million blind children. Very often, the blindness can be prevented. And that was the goal of a special outreach program conducted by GFA Bible college students.
Vitamin A, which is found in foods like eggs, milk, carrots, cantaloupes and spinach, is imperative to proper eye function. Unfortunately, children who live in poverty and are severely undernourished don't get enough of these necessary foods.
So Gospel for Asia teamed with other organizations to provide Vitamin A drops to children in Bridge of Hope centers,
But children aren't the only ones who suffer from health issues that affect their eyesight. The elderly are also at high risk. That's why one team of Bible college students went out into a village to administer vitamin drops to them, too.
The team offered the vitamins to other adults, lsoa. Many were appreciative of the extra dose of protection against blindness.
In addition to distributing the vitamins, the teams offered free literature to help people learn more about caring for their health.
They also taught disease prevention lessons to children in Bridge of Hope centers.
Because of this health awareness program ...
... more children like these will be able to have healthy vision.
date posted 07/26/2011