Each letter is read, prayed over and responded to by a GFA radio correspondent.

To my amazement, I felt like each and every word was speaking to me.

Each year, Gospel for Asia receives more than a million responses to GFA Radio broadcasts. These letters from the field express joy in what the Lord has done through the radio programs.

Words that Brought Hope

Dear Brother,

I used to listen to your radio program every day, and it resulted in a great blessing for my family.

I am very happy to report this good news to you! For the last five years my wife and I were unable to have any children, and people mocked my wife. We did not have peace and were in a deeply depressed state.

That’s when I heard you say on your program, “You have plenty of problems and complications and as a result of that you have suffered a lot, but today the Lord Jesus Christ is giving you release from all those problems and difficulties that you have been facing. He is going to solve all the complications and problems in your family.”

These are the exact words that comforted us. Having faith in Jesus Christ, I wrote to you asking you to pray for us. God heard and answered your earnest prayers and blessed us with a baby girl.

I really praise Jesus who heard your prayers and our cries. Thank you for your blessed program.
— Anram

A Repentant Heart

Dear Brother,

Warm greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I was born in a nominal Christian family, which did all kinds of sinful things.

One day, in the early morning, I turned my radio on. Just then, your radio program came on. I just listened to the program.

To my amazement, I felt like each and every word was speaking to me. I realized I was living a life of sin and had been enjoying it.

I acknowledged that only Jesus Christ can save me from this sinful condition.

I received Jesus into my life and determined to live for Him. Now I want to share this with my friends, also.

Kindly uphold me in your prayers and please pray for my spiritual enrichment.

Thank you for your blessed program.
— Sunay