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Gospel for Asia workers offered the love of Jesus to women in Asia who were in great need by training them how to sew. See how this training changed their lives!
Aditi was part of a tailoring class in 2007. Now with skills to sew many types of clothing, she has her own shop and makes 4,000 rupees ($88 US) per month, a good wage in her area.
Dhara never went to school. So when her husband lost his business, they were in great need—that is, until she was given the chance to learn tailoring! Now she helps her husband support the family.
Atisha had to care for her younger siblings while her parents worked. Uneducated, she wasn't considered eligible for marriage. This changed as she was able to work as a seamstress and take care of herself. The Lord blessed her with a husband, too.
Hema heard of the tailoring class from her friend. As a result, she now has a shop and earns plenty of money to support herself and her parents.
Since she was a child, Seema has been unable to speak or hear. With no one else to help her, Seema learned to support herself through the loving attention of her tailoring teachers. Now she knows Jesus, too.
Jasleen enrolled in the tailoring class when a GFA worker visited her home and invited her to join. She completed the course in 2007, and today she has her own shop and earns about 6,000 rupees ($132 US) per month.
Jasleen says that during her life-changing training, she learned to sew, handle money and run a business. She also learned something more important: that the Lord Jesus loves her.
date posted 02/16/2011

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Read more about one woman's desire to give hope to the women of Asia through her sewing skills .