This pastor is sharing the Gospel with a man from the Chaudhary tribe.

Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu is an urban melting pot of people, cultures, entertainment attractions and commerce, surrounded by the majestic Himalaya Mountains. Several Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries serve as pastors in and around the Kathmandu area, and it is their desire to share the love of Jesus with as many people in the city as possible.

Knowing that only a small percentage of the city’s residents will ever visit their churches, these pastors plan periodic outings to different parts of the city to share the love of Jesus with the people.

Their most recent outing was in the summer when they went out into an area near the central zoo and a major business district. The group, comprised of 12 pastors, talked to people out walking, in the shops and in public gathering areas. They spent five hours handing out Gospel tracts and New Testaments. They took time to pray with those who shared their life’s problems. Many people also wanted to know more about Christ, and the missionaries were able to tell them about the love of God.

Each person was also invited to attend church. Most of the people they met with that day were happy to hear about Jesus, and many promised they would follow up and attend worship services at one of the churches they lead.

The pastors ended their day rejoicing and praising God for the opportunity to take the love of Jesus out into their city. They are now praying for much fruit from their many visits with people that day.