In South Asia, many women work in the paddy fields. But Anju’s parents didn’t expect her brother to participate in the back-breaking work, and that upset Anju.

Anju, like this woman, felt hopeless and wanted to kill herself, but then experienced the joy of knowing Jesus.

Anju Das thought her parents did not care about her. So out of deep frustration and hurt, she did something drastic: She drank poison.

This crisis began one day when Anju’s parents told her to go work in the rice paddy field with them. Upset they did not also make her brother work, Anju said, “You are not telling my brother to go for work. Why are you asking me to work in the field?”

Her attitude angered her father, and he severely beat her.

After this conflict, he left Anju at home and went to work in the field. Meanwhile, her brother left the house to go play.

While she was home alone, a thought tormented her mind: Because she was a girl, her parents did not really love her. Deeply distressed, Anju drank some pesticide her family kept on their farm.

Providentially, a neighbor stopped by the house and found Anju unconscious on the floor. He immediately hurried to tell Anju’s parents about their daughter.

They rushed home and took her to a hospital. Fear gripped them when, after the doctors examined Anju, they received the news that she would not survive more than 24 hours. Since they didn’t know what else to do, Anju’s parents called Stephen Dutta, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary who had been ministering in their area. They asked him to pray for Anju.

Pastor Stephen came to the hospital and prayed for Anju for almost an hour, and God healed her!

Even more miraculous than the healing, during the following months Anju and her entire family chose to follow Jesus! Anju started participating in the local fellowship, along with the Women’s Fellowship ministry.

Pastor Stephen requested that you pray for Anju and her family to continue to live for Jesus. Pray also that the story of Anju’s healing will spread in this region.