She Wants to be Like Jesus

"How can I become like Jesus? How can I shine for Him?"

Seventeen-year-old Parni asked the question as she listened to one of the theme songs at her very first Vacation Bible school.

Parni had never heard about Jesus before. She grew up in a poor village dominated by religious fanatics, where the people faithfully worshiped and sacrificed to their gods.

When a friend invited her to VBS, she was hesitant to participate, but as the week went on, her heart softened. She saw the leaders' love when they prayed for the children, and as they shared about the life of Christ, she wanted to know more.

She Spoke Up

When Parni approached the church's pastor with her questions, he was happy to help.

"The Word of God is given to us so that we may be transformed to His likeness," Pastor Chandak explained. "This can only happen by reading His Word and following His path all throughout our lives. It will lead you to real transformation and will make you like Jesus.

"He loves you," Chandak continued, "and He gave His life for you so you will be changed."

At the end of their conversation, Chandak invited her to the church's regular services.

Parni thought over the pastor's words, and before the week was over, she embraced the love of Christ.

May 2013

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