Gospel for Asia medical camps in West Bengal, India, were able to treat the physical needs of the people—as well as the spiritual.

Most people in the West can’t imagine something like a rash, diarrhea or a sinus infection being a medical issue too expensive to resolve—much less one that can become a chronic, devastating illness. But for millions of people in Asia, simple sicknesses must remain untreated because they have absolutely no means to pay for even minimal health check-ups.

That’s why, in West Bengal, India, doctors at the Gospel for Asia medical camps had no time to take breaks. They could barely stay on top of the throngs of people lined up to receive medical care. The people didn’t mind waiting. They just rejoiced that they were finally going to receive treatment for diseases that had afflicted them for years—some for their entire lives.

Hundreds of men, women and children, including some Bridge of Hope students, received physical—and spiritual—care at eight different medical camps conducted throughout the state. For most of the people, it was one of the few times in their lives that they received a medical examination.

In addition to a free check-up, villagers received medicine as needed and general health-awareness education. And most importantly, GFA missionaries and volunteers shared about Jesus, the Great Physician, with the patients while they waited in line.

The GFA team was also able to diagnose one Bridge of Hope student, Sachin Dhir, with a potentially serious illness and refer him to a specialist. Now the boy is receiving appropriate treatment, and his parents are very thankful for the check-up.

The medical camps were a tremendous success, and the villagers were extremely grateful that the GFA workers truly cared about their needs. After seeing the tangible love of Christ, many people are now open to the Gospel message. And the missionaries are excited to follow up with each family.

The missionaries request prayer for each person who received treatment at the medical camps, that they will be completely healed of their infirmities. They also ask for prayer that many will come to know Christ as they go visit with the families who came to the camps.