These sisters used to fight with each other, but Jesus’ love has regenerated them from the inside out.

Like most sisters, Sadgati and Madhu once quarreled a lot with each other. Thanks to the power of God in their lives, they don’t fight anymore!

Sadgati and Madhu’s family had no peace. Every day, they presented offerings to gods and goddesses, but that did not bring harmony or virtue into their household. The girls argued with each other and with their parents. They also lacked discipline in their schoolwork, neglecting their studies to play games, and wasted their time on trivial activities.

But one day, Sadgati and Madhu found out about Christ’s power to save through their friend Rashmika, who went to the church pastored by a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary. Rashmika’s pastor, Bibek Rangan, told them about Jesus. After hearing the Good News, the two sisters decided to give their hearts to Him.

Instead of worshiping their family’s traditional gods and goddesses, Sadgati and Madhu started joining Rashmika’s congregation for prayer and fellowship meetings. They had a strong desire to know Jesus more fully, and as they grew closer to Him, their lives transformed.

They stopped quarreling with each other and started to obey their parents promptly. Their parents were surprised at the sudden change in their lives and wanted them to continue going to the church.

Through God’s work in Sadgati’s and Madhu’s lives, their home is now more peaceful, and their changed behavior has acted as a powerful witness to their parents.