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Sevita didn't have much to smile about when her husband died. Left as a widow, her family and neighbors shunned her. She was considered a curse and was despised and reviled for being poor.
Her community refused to let her draw from their well, afraid she might somehow contaminate it. So she made her own well.
Sevita dug a pit deep enough to bring forth murky water, so that was what she drank.
When Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Devaj Sherma learned about Sevita's situation, he immediately petitioned for a Jesus Well to be dug near her home.
When the Jesus Well was finally built in her village, Sevita no longer had any worries. Her life of troubles and sadness vanished and her radiant smile returned.
She and her children used the well for everything: house cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, bathing ...
... and especially for drinking. The water from the Jesus Well is so pure and tasty right out of the spout!
Pastor Devaj visited Sevita often, telling her and her children all about Jesus Christ who loves them even when everyone else ostracized them.
The seeds he planted soon began to take root in their hearts. Eventually they came to know the Lord Jesus personally, and a prayer meeting started up in Sevita's home.
At the meetings, Sevita and her family learned how to pray and worship the Lord.
Now they know firsthand of the redeeming power of Christ and His refreshing love.
And it all started with a Jesus Well.
date posted 02/22/2011

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