Much like Tanvi’s family, people would come to this woman to be healed from sickness. She was a self-professed witch doctor, able to contact the dead and evil spirits, but she now lives for Christ.

Tanvi Dasgupta came from a long line of sorcerers. Her ancestors made their living by wielding the power of witchcraft. It was only natural for her father and brothers to carry on the family tradition.

Although people came to Tanvi and her family to be delivered from sickness and problems, Tanvi could find no healing for herself. She suffered for years from an illness that baffled even the doctors. Even though she underwent the healing rituals of sorcery, her condition worsened each day.

Peace was a fleeting thought as she endured the agony and pain of her infirmity, until she met Pastor Nandan Sen, a Gospel for Asia–supported missionary.

Pastor Nandan and two other believers visited Tanvi’s home where she was able to hear about the love of Christ, the Great Physician. She decided then that if Jesus could heal her, she would believe. Pastor Nandan and the believers placed their trust in God and prayed for Tanvi.

As they prayed, Tanvi began to feel a small amount of deliverance from her illness. Although it wasn’t a complete healing, it was enough for her to open her heart to the Lord. With full hope and assurance, Tanvi believed Jesus was her Savior.

Her health began to improve with each day that passed. Eventually she was completely healed—not just from her sickness but also from the powers of darkness!

She started attending worship services at the local church, and her newfound faith set an example for her younger sister and brother, who later decided to follow Jesus.

She asks for prayers for her mother and the rest of her brothers who still practice witchcraft. Her father has already passed away.