• Chantamma was a disgraced widow who sunk even lower in society when she was diagnosed with AIDS.
  • Sindhubai had heard the Gospel many times and rejected it-until she had an extreme allergy problem.
  • Sudhakar suffered from epilepsy, and when it worsened, he came to the verge of committing suicide.
  • And Shanti’s mental problems threw her parents into such depression that they, too, considered suicide.

Yet each of these people found miraculous healing when they heard about and trusted in Jesus Christ. Here’s how it happened:

Chantamma’s life was transformed when a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary shared Jesus, and after a few days she was healed completely. Chantamma gave her life to Christ and is growing in Him day by day.

Sindhubai visited a prayer meeting in her brother’s house and allowed the pastor to pray for her agonizing allergy. Days later, it disappeared and she received salvation.

A GFA-supported missionary came to Sudhakar’s home with the Gospel and, full of hope, Sudhakar believed, and the Lord healed him from epilepsy. Sudhakar and his wife decided to follow Jesus, and he is now in a GFA Bible college.

Shanti’s family first rejected the message of GFA missionary Kumar, but slowly they started listening as he kept visiting. When Kumar and several believers prayed for 40 days, Shanti was healed and the family turned to the Lord.

The stories could—and do—go on and on. It is becoming apparent that the individual stories of miraculous healings happening in Asia today are part of a much larger move of God. But what is the reason for all these miracles, and why do they happen so much in Asia?

In Asian culture, devotion to spirits and gods leads people to seek spiritual solutions. Often witch doctors’ services are sought or sacrifices are made to gods of healing or good fortune. But when they are unable to cure an illness, these deities’ lack of power becomes apparent. Then, when the people see the healing power of Jesus and hear of His sacrifice for them, they see that their Creator is the only one who can overcome their physical problems.

In these spiritually-focused cultures, people are quicker to realize who deserves the credit for miracles. Healings in these places draw people to salvation as they realize Jesus is more powerful than all their gods. The glory doesn’t go to the missionary who prayed, or to the believers who fasted and sought the Lord. The glory goes to God, who touched them with love.

The flood of healing stories coming from Asia shows again the Lord’s love and desire for souls to be saved. And through His mercy, thousands of people are being saved and giving glory to God.