Women’s Fellowships play a great role in churches in Asia.

Continuing its goal of helping women draw closer to Christ and spread His love, Gospel for Asia’s Women’s Fellowship in Nepal recently held its annual conference for ladies from 24 churches, along with another seminar.

Many times, the sisters are preoccupied with their household duties and limited to their local church fellowship only,” wrote Shanti, the Women’s Fellowship leader for Nepal. “Therefore, a meeting like this was a great opportunity for them to meet other women in the Body of Christ.”

The fellowship included 250 women, each eager to learn more about what God has for them.

God has a wonderful plan and purpose in a woman’s life,” wrote Shanti. This message stands out from a culture in which women are traditionally considered less valuable than men.

Though many of the women are illiterate, they are faithful and very excited and curious to know more about the Lord and grow in Him and serve,” Shanti wrote. “They were very much enthused as they listened to the reports from various local church Women’s Fellowships.”

Teachings at the conference focused on how women can be wise in taking care of their homes, their husbands and their families. The teachers also encouraged the women concerning their great role in caring for the church, as well—keeping it neat, praying for people’s needs and taking part in outreach programs.

Women’s Fellowships are held within the congregations of churches pastored by GFA-supported missionaries. The women are actively involved in ministering to their communities, taking the love of Christ house-to-house and seeking to pray for people’s needs.