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Gospel for Asia-supported workers throughout Asia took to the streets of their cities on Dec. 1—World AIDS Day. This global observance serves to educate the public about the disease and remember those who have died from it.
Each GFA team kicked off its own personalized events with a prayer of dedication.
Then they took to the streets. These Bridge of Hope students marched with slogans displayed on placards.
In some places, the parades were organized and carried out by Women's Fellowship groups from the local churches.
These Bible College students found some little helpers who wanted to carry signs in their parade.
This missionary posted AIDS prevention posters along the way.
These missionaries handed out Gospel tracts printed especially for this day. The tract, titled Hope for the Hopeless, contains information about AIDS prevention and the hope found in Jesus Christ.
People were eager to receive the tracts.
Most people stopped what they were doing and read them on the spot.
Misinformation about AIDS is rampant in South Asia, so many of the teams also invited medical doctors and public health officials to talk about how to prevent the spread of the disease.
One group of Bible college students even wrote and performed skits tackling the misconceptions about AIDS. Many people paused their daily routine to watch the street performances.
Even GFA-supported film teams got in on the action by showing AIDS Awareness videos in makeshift street theaters.
The rallies were so successful that many of the teams were interviewed by the media. This gave them an opportunity to talk about how Jesus compels them to care for those suffering from AIDS.
At the end of the day, these teams had carried the important message of AIDS prevention—and the hope found in Jesus Christ—through hundreds of cities in South Asia.
date posted 04/19/2011