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In the desert city of Ajmer, Rajasthan, believers and friends of the local Gospel for Asia-supported church were among hundreds of needy men, women and children in several areas of the state who received gifts recently—thanks to the annual Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog.
Some of the most appreciative recipients of the catalog gifts were patients in two of the Indian state's public hospitals. Some 230 patients in Udaipur and Banswara hospitals received warming blankets for their comfort. Here, a GFA-supported missionary pastor and a woman state legislator make sure a patient is snug under her new blanket.
This hospital patient was so grateful that he sat up in bed to express his thanks to the missionary and the rest of the distribution team.
Another lady received her blanket from the hospital superintendent as she was leaving.
In addition to more than 500 blankets given to those who needed them the most, other gifts, from goats to bicycles, were also distributed in this same area.
This man in Ajmer received two goats—no, make that THREE goats! He was to receive the pair so he could raise goats to supplement his meager income. But before they could be delivered, the two had become three! That baby goat was an additional blessing from a GFA Christmas Catalog donor on the other side of the world!
This man cannot walk, but thanks to the caring concern of GFA-supported national missionaries and donors in the West, he received a blanket to help him stay warm this winter.
Smiles on the faces of these recipients in Jodhpur express their joy at receiving gifts that will truly impact their lives and let them know of the love of Christ in a tangible way.
These gift recipients in Gangapur City were among those in Rajasthan who received a total of 567 blankets, 6 sewing machines, a sewing machine repair kit, 2 bicycles and 3 goats, thanks to the generosity of those who purchased these items through the GFA Christmas Gift Catalog.
date posted 04/26/2011