Through the gift of a sewing machine from GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, women like the one pictured here are able to earn much-needed income for their families and are experiencing a tangible expression of the love of Christ.

With a grateful heart, Nandita stitches busily away at her sewing machine, creating garments that provide a steady income to help meet her household’s needs. For this hard-working woman in Andhra Pradesh, India, the gift of a sewing machine came just when she needed it most.

Before receiving the machine, Nandita and her husband, Arjun, lived out a meager existence of extreme poverty. They worked as day laborers to put food on the table for them and their two young children. Then Nandita began having health problems, which forced her to stop working. The family had to live on the limited income they received from Arjun’s job.

The problems only grew worse as Arjun began drowning his problems in alcohol. Many months went by with the family in the same awful predicament.

The problems only grew worse as Arjun began drowning his problems in alcohol.

Then Gospel for Asia missionary Narendar began visiting the family, telling them about Jesus. At first, they were not very receptive because they were strong followers of the traditional religion of their village. But Narendar continued visiting the family and praying for them. As time went by, Nandita gradually opened up, relating her family’s struggles to survive and her husband’s consuming addiction. The pastor offered a kind, listening ear and continued to share the Gospel with them. Eventually, Nandita chose to put her trust in Jesus.

Nandita started attending the local church to learn more about her Savior. Arjun, on the other hand, showed no interest in the Christian faith—and even voiced his objections to his wife’s church attendance. But Nandita bravely continued, feeling drawn by the fulfilling joy and peace she found in the Lord’s presence as she worshipped Him with other believers.

Then a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center opened in Nandita’s village, and she enrolled their two children. It gave her joy to see them cared for and nurtured at the center. The Bridge of Hope staff visited the family often, too.

While Nandita continued to experience a wonderful, abiding peace in Jesus, her family’s struggling finances remained a concern. By this time her husband was providing only sporadic income to run the household. It was not nearly enough to adequately feed them.

Then, through the caring generosity of GFA friends across the globe who responded to GFA’s 2006 Christmas Gift Catalog, struggling families in Nandita’s village began receiving special gifts to help them earn a livelihood. Nandita received a sewing machine.

Nandita could sew garments, even with her health problems. Assisted by her new sewing machine, Nandita began stitching clothes—and selling them to earn money to meet her family’s needs. Today, more than a year later, she is still industriously working away at her sewing machine, earning a steady income to help her family. She is joyful in the Lord and continues to grow in her Christian walk as she faithfully attends her local church.

And now, Nandita can see God working in her husband’s heart as well. Arjun desires to receive Jesus as his Savior but is afraid of the response of his relatives and neighbors. Nandita requests prayer that the Lord will give Arjun the courage to make this important decision.

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